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Server Rules

Thank you for reading and following the rules!

General rules

The Golden Rule

Treat others as you want to be treated.


You must have a proper nickname. Things that violates our rules (ex. racism/insults) are not allowed. Do not fakenick an admin. If you are told to rename, you have to do it directly.


Use a mature language. Talk only in Swedish or English. Do not insult other players.


Do not play music, shout or provoke. Please do not talk 24/7.


Advertising is not allowed. Encouraging players to connect to another community or server will result in a permanent ban.

Cheating & Scripts

Use of cheats or scripts results in a permanent ban. (Hyperscrolls or macros are also not allowed)

Religion & Politics

It is not allowed to discuss religion or politics.

Bug exploiting

It is not allowed to exploit map bugs.


It is not allowed to beg for Credits.


Trading is forbidden on our servers.

Play on another account when you have an active ban

It is not allowed to play on another account if you have an active ban. There is a risk that the primary ban will be extended if you do so.

Personal information

It is not allowed to spread other players personal information, such as surname, address, city and telephone number.



CT's are not allowed to funjump. They should always chase T's and try to kill them.


CT's are not allowed to jump up towards a platform or anything else you can stand on and knife the T. However, it is allowed to knife from below on ladders.


CT's are not allowed to run under T's and wait for them to fall down.


T's are not allowed to stand on the edge of for example a roof, a wall or a box to block down a CT with the body.

Nadeblocking (in the air)

It is not allowed to nadeblock enemies while they are up in the air. However, it is allowed at ground level.

Camping (max 30 seconds)

It is not fun if someone is camping for too long. Do not camp for more than 30 seconds.


It is not allowed to always run away from the enemies. Try juke them off instead.

Damagejumping (with the intention of dying)

It is not allowed to jump down from heights with the intention of dying.

Reconnecting (also called retry/wtj)

It is not allowed to leave the server to reconnect. Usually, players try to move from CT to T. It is also called WTJ. (Winning Team Join)



It is not allowed to delay the round. You should always try to move forward on the map.


It is not allowed to reconnect to the server and respawn.

Map bonus

If the map contains bonus levels, it is allowed to play them.